Powder coatings

The Reafree® line of resins for powder coatings offers you a wide range of choices to meet your needs in a formulated powder coating. Our focus is on delivering performance, value and versatility to the powder coating formulator.


Reafree® powder resins can be used with a variety of curing and functional technologies for the formulation of powder coatings.


Reafree® powder resins characteristics are adapted to fit the strict needs of powder coating production.


Our combination of innovative technology, global support and broad product line helps you to meet your exact requirements for coatings performance and value.


Our extensive line of additives enables you to add value to your powder coating formulations. You can choose from rheology modifiers or specific performance-enhancing additives.

Fine-tune your formulations with specialized additives for powder coatings to achieve:

  • rheology control
  • matting agents
  • slip and mar resistance
  • scratch resistance
  • flow and leveling agents

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